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Drop Kerb for the Outside of Properties in Northamptonshire & Milton Keynes

A dropped kerb, also known as a crossover, lowered kerb or vehicular access, is an alteration to the footway that allows vehicles to cross the pavement from the road to the driveway. Drop kerbs are an increasingly popular sight in residential areas, but can also be found outside of businesses for vehicle access.

It involves lowering the kerb and laying new foundations to the paving that enable a vehicle to be driven onto the front area of a property. When lowering or dropping the kerb outside of a property and laying new foundations, it must meet council requirements and be carried out by an approved contractor.

Hickford Construction is an approved drop kerb contractor for South Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. If you're interested in this service, contact us today.

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Image of a drop kerb outside a Buckinghamshire home
Image of a new drop kerb outside a gated residential property

Without constructing a drop kerb that has been approved and constructed by the council, you are breaking the law and may be liable for enforcement or prosecution.

You cannot park your vehicle where the kerb is lowered. You can be issued with a PCN for parking across your own dropped kerb. This is because a drop kerb provides easy access for wheelchair users, powered mobility vehicles, pushchairs and the visually impaired, as well as vehicular access to a property.

If you park a vehicle fully or partially across a dropped kerb, this is classed as an obstruction and the local council or police can enforce a contravention.

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If you live in South Northamptonshire, including Towcester, or a town or village in Buckinghamsire such as Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes or Buckingham, our team here at Hickford Construction are approved contractors and we can carry out dropping the kerb for you with peace of mind and in conjunction with local council rules and regulations.

Benefits of having a lowered kerb to access your home:

  • Offers greater security for parked cars
  • Helps reduce insurance premiums
  • Has a noted effect on the value of a property

Does your property meet the conditions for a dropped kerb?

Before being allowed to have a drop kerb construction work permitted for your property, you must meet the following criteria. However, some of these conditions may be relaxed if a resident of the property is a holder of a valid Blue Badge.

For construction of a drop kerb to be permitted, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Enough unobstructed space within the bounds of your property (at least 5m deep by 3m wide)
  • Unobstructed visibility and enough boundary to form an entrance
  • The entrance location must have at least 10m between the sharp corner and the junction
  • No obstructions from street furniture (such as street name plates or street lighting) at the location of the proposed access

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